Stories of Healing On & Off the Mat

Experiments, Successes, and Lessons

Confession: I’m Not An Introvert

Is it wedding season? I’m not sure. Maybe everyone around here decided to get married in the Fall because it’s likely to not be a 100 degrees outside; there might even be a breeze. I’m not insulting the weather. Tropical climates suit me because I’m always cold, as if... read more

I’m Going Analog

I completely short circuited today. I did everything I was supposed to do; everything written in pencil on my five by seven life preserver I call an agenda. On the outside, I was cordial, coherent, and polite. I may have even told a joke or two. Who knows. Because in... read more

Invisible Ships & Ancestral Myths

Charting the waters of your personal narrative. In 1770, Lieutenant James Cook’s 106 foot ship, named the (HM Bark) Endeavor, was looking to dock on the coast of Australia. It was a ‘voyage of discovery’ to Australia and New Zealand. Although the... read more

The Power Of Divine Forgiveness

What gift bag do you choose for a man that wants nothing to do with you? Smiling giraffes. Yes, smiling giraffes will perfectly convey “it’s okay that you don’t like me and therefore, treated me like dirt. I forgive you because I am kind, practical,... read more

Death At A Wake

As the smoke cleared, my mother pulled the final card from the deck. Ash. Meaning death, I was certain. She glanced up at me her eyes searching for a response. “I’m fine,” I said, glancing at the first card. Serpent. Rebirth, I was just as certain.... read more

When The Wolf’s At Your Door

The air was heavy; that I remember clearly. And I’d started to walk toward my car, after just teaching my morning class, when there was a pull at my belly button. I pivoted and began to walk toward my daughter’s preschool instead. As I stepped on to that... read more

The Sweet Art Of Doing Nothing

Now is the time, in the northern hemisphere, where the natural world is preparing for the winter ahead by slowing down, filling their bellies and homes with hearty foods, and preparing to do a lot of nothing in the months to come. That is, everything in the natural... read more


December seams to jerk us out of the microcosm. We’ve been steadily going through our paces when suddenly we wake up and it’s the last month of the year. Now’s the time when most of us decide that next year we’re going to do it better; next... read more

Why We Should Be Grateful For Trump

It’s not often I stumble into the political foray, but I have no more silence left in me, and my typing fingers have got the best of me. Now, the post title- am I trying to be controversial? Not in the slightest. Did I use those words just to get your attention?... read more

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