Creative Soul Online Retreat

How to use creativity and the chakras to manifest money, love, and happiness 🖤

Manifesting is all about aligning your energy with what you desire. This is how you co-create with the Universe. In this interview series, over 21 experts will show you how to remove emotional blocks and limiting beliefs.

Are you ready to feel inspired? Are you ready to nurture your soul?
Join The Creative Soul Online Retreat. You owe it to yourself to have the life you desire. The host, Leah Guzman is a Board Certified art therapist helping conscious women remove emotional blocks and align their creative energy to achieve abundance and success. She used the Chakras (energy centers) as a structure to transform energy & manifest her own dreams of a beautiful family and a successful art business. Now, she wants you to learn the tools for transformation. That’s exactly why she’s created the, “Creative Soul Online Retreat: how to use creativity and the chakras to manifest money, love and happiness”.

This complimentary virtual event kicks off June 20th, and brings together over 21 experts (including me) to share our best tips on how to allow for more money, love and happiness– easily!

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creativity, yoga, chakras, online retreat

Summer of (self)Love Challenge

To be a self actualized, fully embodied, human, one must, must, must love themselves first. In our culture, we struggle to find our worth because it may be viewed as selfish or self serving, but deep down we know we cannot give to another if our cup is not full.

This is a supportive group that helps each member become ‘self-love in action’. It will begin with the “30 Day Summer of (self)Love Challenge” and will continue to grow through challenges, activities, creativity, and love.

Join us in the Facebook Group, “Self Love In Action“.

creativity, yoga, chakras, online retreat

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